Destination and Venue search

  • The right solution need the right place to be organised.
  • The Palace, Old tram depot or natural amphitheater can be a perfect place to organise you event.
  • Various places are available within Central Europe 

Complete range of services

  • Beside general services the solutions for performances, event designing and personalized services for VIPs are available

Service of Experienced team 

  • Full understanding of cultural differences, all variations of meals, style of events, different opinions… is our way we work.
  • We pay attention to different taste for itinerary design as well for event design


  • Our aim is long term relationship cooperation based on high quality services, ultimate control of the event and always customized solution to exceed final clients expectations.
  • We will provide you with succesfull event to support your relationship with your client.
  • Only memorable events can create future business opportunities