Welcome to a Czech fairytale

The best of Telč

  • Historic centre of Telc surrounded by parks and ponds
  • The charming Telc chateau
  • Nearby town of Slavonice with houses decorated with sgraffito
  • Nearby historic town of Jindrichuv Hradec with the 3rd largest Czech castle

TELČ – “Welcome to a Czech fairytale”

The historic town of Telč in the Moravian region is surrounded by three fishponds, like a beautiful Renaissance island. With only 5, 000 inhabitants, peace and relaxation are guaranteed. On just one square, the town offers a meeting of building styles and types, with churches, aristocratic buildings, galleries and museums. 

The charming square is the main attraction, with its chateau, church and colourful houses. It was governor Zachariáš of Hradec who transformed the Gothic castle into a Renaissance masterpiece. The chateau’s original interiors and their Italian art have been preserved to this day. Beyond the spot where the walls of Telč once stood, a stunning panorama of the town opens up. This town, which was created as a moated fortress, has the proud and competitive nature of its inhabitants to thank for its appearance, who attempted to demonstrate their wealth and social standing by the magnificence of the gables of their houses. Each house is more beautiful than the next. The fact that the roofs are often much lower than the decorative gables will not escape the sharp eye of the visitor. 

With its unique architecture, the town centre is among the most precious historic sites in Moravia and in 1992 was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list.

The main attraction is the charming square with its chateau, church and colourful houses, each more beautiful than the next. The town’s charming appearance had attracted many film producers.

The square in Telč is soothing for the soul indeed, with its brightly-coloured houses, arcades of little shops, and cafes where you can sit undisturbed and watch the world pass by. The town’s charming appearance has attracted many film producers, and the main square and surrounding houses have served as the setting for tens of movies and fairytales.

The surrounding landscape is one of forests and fishponds, with many marked walking paths, cycle trails, bridleways and golf courses. It’s the perfect mix of opportunities for adventure and leisure.