Spiš – Slovak countryside

The pearl of Slovakia

Spiš – Slovak countryside

  • Dobšin Ice Cave (UNESCO World Heritage Site) 
  • UNESCO World Heritage sites (Castle of Spiš, Spiš Chapter)
  • River Dunajec
  • Folk architecture, customs, songs, dances and crafts

SPIŠ – “The pearl of Slovakia”

Spiš is unique among the regions of Slovakia. An ethnically diverse population with its roots in medieval times (Slovaks, Germans and Hungarians) has given Spiš its own dialect and culture. The north of the region is bordered by the massive peaks of the Tatra Mountains, which attract climbers, skiers and hikers. The network of rivers, particularly the River Dunajec, is popular with fishermen, and the clear, fresh air is often used to treat a range of respiratory ailments. Here you’ll find bubbling mineral springs and resorts offering thermal and healing water treatments.

In Spiš, you'll find a little of everything: mountains to the north, ice caves, rivers full of life, unspoiled air, mineral, thermal and healing waters, and interesting monuments. 

Significant monuments and natural landmarks can be found in almost every town and village, including UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Spiš Chapter and the Dobšinska Ice Cave. One of the most magnificent is the Caste of Spiš, the well-preserved ruin of a medieval castle, which lies six hundred metres above sea level and is among the largest castles in Europe.

The ethnic diversity of Spiš is reflected in its broad folk culture, encompassing architecture, customs, songs, dances and crafts.